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Our Objectives

Inequality is spiraling out of control. Opportunities, Power and Money are concentrated in the hands of the few, at the expense of the majority. 

We see Education as the biggest leveler. Students who get access to Quality Education are more likely to perform well in schools & go on to command higher positions & salaries later in life.

Given the Right Guidance and Required Resources, every child can be a Success Story. What better place than a Gurudwara Saheb to achieve the same ! 

In the current environment, we are conducting our classes online. The rigour is the same.

Solid Foundation

Create a very solid foundation for Excellent Academic Performance.


Prepare students for various Maths, Science & English Olympiads and other similar competitive exams


Inculcate reading habits and raise general awareness level of students

Communication Skills

Improve communication skill in general and hone up presentation skills 

Industry Interface

Meet Successful Professionals and learn the emerging trends and secrets of success from them.

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